Training and Employment

Make up to $48 per hour?

How much do healthcare navigators get paid? Depending on experience, it can be substantial. Under the Affordable Care Act, state exchanges and Health Insurance Marketplace facilitators will be hiring tens of thousands of "Navigators" who will be assisting ordinary people with the healtchare application process. If you can become proficient as a navigator, you may have lucrative employment opportunities at a high rate of pay with great benefits.

Want to make money? The Obamacare law which became fully active in 2014, mandating the use of Navigators to assist individuals who may need help applying for health insurance. As part of this job, you will be working one on one with a variety of people to determine whether they can get coverage under the Affordable Care Act, private insurance, or other public assistance programs that may be available. Ideal candidates for the navigator position will have some knowledge of human resources, tax planning, or insurance paperwork, since documents like W2 forms, insurance policies, and tax forms will play a big part in determining eligibility for coverage.

Translators and Interpreters Needed

One of the law's mandates is that people will need to be assisted no matter what language they speak. This means that aside from fluency in Spanish, there will be a need for interpreters who understand Chinese, Vietnamese, Hmong (white and blue), West African languages (including French Creole), Russian, and any other language. If you are skilled in languages, you may want to learn the basics of being a Navigator so you can explain some of the health insurance topics in the vernacular of the people looking for help.

ACA openings abound for a variety of skilled workers

The nature of applying for coverage under the Affordable Care Act also means that there may be many temporary opportunities and chances for overtime as the program is rolled out. The application process involves a lot of paperwork and explanations, so it can take several hours per individual to apply for Obamacare. This means that there could be a large backlog and long hours at the outset, after which the program renews automatically. Therefore, the tens of millions of people with no current healthcare, who are compelled by law to apply or pay a fine, will be very motivated to seek coverage. Job training for navigators is expected to be included with many positions, but in the interview process the most qualified candidates are expected to have experience in healhcare administration given the complexity of the process.