Thousands of Jobs Available

High Pay With Training In Many States

States around the country are gearing up for the new open enrollment period between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015. Many organizations are hiring now! The need for health insurance navigators is expected to skyrocket, and wages have never been higher. Many large states including California, Texas, New York, and Illinois will need thousands of navigators to help eligible participants in the program. Outreach for underserved communities is being accomplished in the form of large grants to sign people up for affordable medical care.

If you have experience in healthcare, tax advice, or human resources, then there are openings at high wages for Navigators, or people who will help ordinary individuals with the Affordable Care Act. The ideal candidates may come from community organizing, city compliance, and volunteer organizations.

Exchange Navigation Jobs In Your State.

Openings for navigators also include job opportunities for those in healthcare management, employee supervision, translation, data processing, and the myriad of support systems that come with hiring tens of thousands of people. In the 30 states that declined to set up their own exchanges, there may be federal job openings which are attendant with a wide array of benefits.

Fines Motivate Compliance

Many people will be seeking out navigators because they may be fined for failing to get insurance, so they will essentially be forced involuntarily to come and speak with you about healthcare. You will help these individuals provide their confidential personal information which will be submitted to the government in order to see whether they qualify for subsidized care, or if they will be mandated to take advantage of care offered by their place of work, through their spouses (from which they may be estranged) or (if they are under 26) from their parents who in turn may be lawfully compelled to get coverage in order to pay for their dependent children. As such, you may want to brush up on your conflict resolution skills and find strategies for dealing with hostile individuals who may not hate you personally, but view you as the embodiment of an onerous government requirement to pay thousands of dollars per year for something they view as an invasion of their liberty and pursuit of happiness. Luckily, this means that there will also be job openings for security personnel and "bouncer" types who previously only were able to find employment in seedy taverns or for underworld figures.